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Dan Tucker is an Aussie-born actor and producer from Melbourne Victoria who has numerous projects in development. A 8 year veteran of Los Angeles, Dan has worked, collaborated and trained with many respected people in the industry. Trusted for his keen sense of story and character, his work brings soul and depth. Dan loves acting, animals and the environment equally and strives to bring awareness to the plight of this planet and all its inhabitants. With almost 25 years acting experience Dan is prepared and eager to teach these passions through the medium of entertainment like film. As a former big cat trainer and venomous snake handler, as well as a keen rainforest protector Dan is well equipped and experienced in the realm of the wild just as in front of the camera..A keen fitness and health person Dan is up for the most challenging and physical of roles. A stubborn Taurus and keen gardener, cook and passionate person makes Dan one interesting person to know and work with…

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